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Originally started in 1985 Refractech has grown to become a leader in manufacturing precast, engineered refractory cast blocks and shapes for furnaces, ladles, tundishes, launders, kilns, boilers, incinerators, heaters, stacks, flues, lids, burners. Manufactured in house with high quality materials we ensure that the correct material is used for the application. We can either source materials for clients or use customer supplied refractories.

We operate a 1000m2 workshop which is equipped with overhead crane, large capacity dryer, high shear mixers, and vibration equipment, we can install units of up to 20 tonnes in our factory. We have the ability to fabricate moulds to any design using our 3D printer, fibreglass moulding, polyurethane casting, plasma cutter, steel rollers and edge bender.

We also offer onsite installation services to the highest industry standards for safety and quality. With our team of installation personnel we are able to install refractory materials using our own placement equipment, we also operate a Brokk for remote demolition. Using our timber CNC machines we can fabricate formwork offsite to reduce downtime.

We utilise the latest software including Autocad, Inventor and Ansys to ensure that the desired end result is achieved.

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